Media Training and Crisis Communication

Meeting the news media is often viewed as an intimidating experience. Learn to turn the tables to your advantage. Media Advisers Asia’s trainers have decades of experience as working journalists in all media platforms. We will provide you with an insider’s perspective of what drives the news media and how reporters will question you.

Positive, proactive media strategies can help a company grow and reinforce its image, but the way a corporate crisis is handled can make or break its future. Social media can spread negative or mistaken information at lighning speed. Media Advisers Asia will help you fine tune your response and sharpen your internal and external crisis communications.

Our workshops blend realistic interview practice sessions, informative presentations and real-world video examples. The seminar experience will build your confidence and provide a foundation of skills and strategies for getting your message across in the media.

Presentation skills and public speaking are an additional facet of Media Adviser Asia’s training. Speaking in a clear and engaging way is essential in all business contexts. We can help your team develop greater confidence and effectiveness whether speaking one-on-one, in a conference room, or to a large auditorium.

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